Everyone is a Salesman

Today’s quick thought — Everyone is a salesman.

It’s just a matter of what you’re trying to sell.

Whether it involves a physical product, a service, or even a concept, everyone is selling something.  It may not even be a conscious action, but in just about every time there’s more than one person is involved in some sort of interaction, there’s a certain amount of persuasion and influence taking place.

If you are able to keep that concept in the back of your mind, it will open your eyes to an entirely different world of communication and personal interaction.

There is an art to the craft of salesmanship, no doubt.  And those who do it well almost make it look effortless.  They’re knowledgeable, they ask the right questions, and they understand their customer — in many cases better than the customer understands themselves and their situation.

And in that process lies the key — the secret to success in any sales situation (and they’re all sales situations) is to understand the customer.  Without that, you’re fighting a losing battle, and you are your own worst enemy.