New Work: Idaho Ad Agencies Blog

The Idaho Ad Agencies blog made its debut in March of 2006 as a way to keep up with the happenings in and around the agency world in Idaho. Since that time, it’s readership grew steadily, and it had outgrown the limitations of its existing platform.

Almost Live Productions migrated the entire site from the Blogger-hosted platform to a self-hosted WordPress platform. This allowed a number of new additions to be made, including specific sections exclusively for:

Feedback for this latest version of the Idaho Ad Agencies blog has been extremely positive, and traffic to the site has been reflective of that attitude as well.  A ten-day comparison of traffic prior to the launch of the new site, and following the launch yielded the following insights:

  • Total Visits:  Up 48%
  • Total Pageviews:  Up 136%
  • Pages per Visit:  Up 59%
  • Bounce Rate:  Down 28%
  • Average Time on Site:  Up 94%
  • New Visits:  Up 46%

The Idaho Ad Agencies blog continues to be viewed as the source for information about the marketing, advertising, and communications world in Idaho.  These latest changes help to ensure that it will remain that way, while giving the additional functionality needed to grow into the future.