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Internal Culture and its Effect on Your Brand

Recently I came across an article on brandchannel.com from Morgan Daloisio, a manager with CMG Partners, discussing the impact that a company’s internal culture and organization can have on the brand.

A few excerpts from the article, Build Your Brand From the Inside Out:

Employees have the power to either reinforce or break a brand’s promise every time they interact with a customer, shareholder or even another employee. Because of that, you can’t build and sustain a strong brand externally if you don’t start with your employees, building your brand from the inside out.

Engaging employees with your brand can be just as challenging as engaging customers, but the three lessons below will form the foundation you need to start branding from the inside out.

Lesson 1: It’s more than just posters in the hallways

Lesson 2: Brand + HR, new best friends

Lesson 3: Internal communications is your lifeline

Take the time to read the entire article.  Morgan provides a number of great insights that can be applied to clients across the board.